This page provides information which may be of assistance if
- you think you may be affected by a current application for a site in St Andrews;
- you wish to express support for, or object to, such an application.

1. Find out what is proposed

Details of current planning applications are recorded on Fife Council's planning database.

Use the default Simple search tab if you are looking for a particular application, and know enough to enter an address, postcode, keyword or the planning reference number.

Use the weekly lists tab to browse applications validated or determined in a particular week. For applications in St Andrews, choose either the Ward (St Andrews) or the Community Council (Royal Burgh of St Andrews).

2. Supporting or objecting to an application

Online - you need to register first. Then you can login from the application overview page of the relevant application, and make a comment.

If you submit your thoughts by email or letter, it is useful to include
* the application reference - included in the online search results, or published in the local press;
* in your first sentence, the word "Support" or "Object", as appropriate.
The name of the relevant case officer can be found online by choosing 'Further Information' in the second row of header tabs for the application.

Emails should be sent to

Letters should be sent to
Development Central
Enterprise, Planning & Protective Services,
Fife Council
Kingdom House

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