As well as the main monthly meeting, the business of the Community Council is conducted through its committees:-

  1. General Purposes comprising the office bearers and convenors of the other major committees. The committee deals with business that does not fall into the remit of one of the other committees. This will often be matters affecting community council as a whole. Unless specifically delegated to act on a particular issue the committee passes recommendations back to full community council.
  2. Planning - see separate page
  3. Recreation - see separate page
  4. Rail - see separate page
  5. Health, Education and Welfare
    The convener is Izzy Corbin.
  6. STANDEN (St Andrews Environmental Network)
    STANDEN was originally a committee of the Community Council that sought to promote local projects to address the problem of global warming. It has since become an independent entity in its own right. For further details see the STANDEN website.